Syreeta Jackson

I hired Coach Deon Huff to become my business coach and purchased his online marketing course at because I had the vision and drive; however, I had no clue how to make my vision a reality. I purchased other business help programs online but quickly realized I needed more. After our initial strategic growth consultation, I knew it was easy to sign a coaching contract with Coach Deon Huff. His company brought together all the key elements to grow a successful business: Coaching (Business, Health, and Life), Consulting, Branding, Business Growth, Marketing, and Website Development & Hosting. He has been operating a successful business for 13 years, so I had great confidence that he was the right coach for me and my business.

My goal was to launch a healthcare staffing business focused on family, health, and wealth. My nursing background provides me with access to multiple healthcare facilities, so I knew I would be successful in business. I wanted to learn how to persuade potential clients to choose our services over the competitors. Coach Deon Huff’s hands-on coaching and taught me some key market and business growth skills to make me successful in starting my business; this course saved me 1000’s of dollars and time growing my business. I loved the recipes that teach you, step by step, how to organize your sales page and what to say in each section. Each section has an objective. Plus, the example layouts for different kinds of businesses were invaluable.
Coach Deon teaches you how to market your business; you learn so much more. For example, the psychology behind why your customer buys your product and how to guide them if they’re hesitating.
This course is incredibly well structured and to the point. The one-on-one weekly coaching teaches complicated concepts in a simple way and helps you sail through the course pain-free. The watch-listen-write “triple punch” format of the Business Coaching course doesn’t only work for different learning styles, but together they’re a powerful means to make you learn. I could feel my brain growing while doing the activities. I’ve taken many online courses, but I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much in an online course as in this one.
I now use many techniques I’ve learned in other projects, like my blog articles and emails, to draw potential clients and close the deal. Marketing my business has become easier. Executive Healthcare Staffing in the first quarter has earned $300,000.00. Clients are calling us for service, and our company is on autopilot. Our projected profits this year is 3.5 million a year. We accredit Coach Deon Huff’s business coaching for our fast growth.