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Welcome to my Grant – Gift Program

I have helped 100’s of Small Business Owners Obtain The Funds They Need To Out-Think, Out-Market & Out-Sell Their Competition!

My Mission Is To Eliminate The Financial Hurdles To Helping Small Business Owners Afford World-class Business Growth Coaching.

Since 2010 my business has helped 100’s Business Owners build successful and profitable businesses. However, our grant was depleted in February 2020. I continued to fund this program out of my personal income, spending over $200K until January 2023. My desire is to continue to help struggling entrepreneurs learn how to grow a strong business by providing affordable small business coaching and consulting.

Small business is the backbone of the US Economy; however, more business closes their doors because of lack of funding, ineffective marketing, and decreased sales! I help small business owners gain access to TOP level resources and learn marketing strategies to ensure their success.

We have helped….

How We Helped…

We offer Business Owners up to $5,000 in grants to purchase our online coaching and consulting.  When businesses do not know how to properly start a business, I have found that they spend thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars doing their best to stay afloat. We have helped them learn the basic business fundamentals required to operate a profitable business successfully.

We Need Your Help…

My Small Business Economic Growth Grant program ran out 3 years ago.  My mission is to help more people start and grow a successful business, so I need your help.  Therefore, I am asking my family, friends, and social media circle to give me a “Gift” supporting the grant’s fund drive.  Gifts received will go to Personalized Services International – Small Business Economic Growth Grant.  My business coaching and consulting division has helped hundreds of businesses within the business coaching and marketing division. If you want to learn more, feel free to do so by the marketing and business growth training website at

The grant submission page is located online for your viewing at:; please don’t apply for a grant. The company that funded my grant since 2010 had to shift to providing money for COVID-19 support in 2020.

I am asking everyone to “gift” at least $55; however, I greatly appreciate it if anyone wishes to give more. The gift can be sent to my CashAPP: $DocSuccess.

You can use Paypal if you wish:

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Please complete your address with your gift so that I can show my appreciation for your kindness.

I humbly appreciate your support in helping me help others.

Sincerely, Coach Deon Huff