Mary Casey

Good morning, Deon:

We have been friends for several years now and I must say that I still have the same high impression of you as I did when I first met you running your business on State Street.  We hit it off immediately and within no time, a friendship was born out of a chance business encounter.  We have stayed watchful for ways in which our businesses could collaborate over the years.  While the perfect fit for a business partnership has not surfaced yet, I have had the opportunity to observe your professional and personal countenance over the years. 

I must say that in all my years, I have never run into anyone who held themselves to such a high standard as you.  In your personal life, you rise every day and model a life of strength, courage, determination, and focus.   You set lofty goals and then discipline yourself and manage your time to achieve every one of them.  As a dad, receiving “Father of the Year Awards” would still underrepresent your commitment to your children and your active role in their lives.  You value and nurture your friendships just as you do yourself.  Just being around you and tapping into the energy you give off has helped me strive in my own business.  Speaking of business, I marvel at the way you do business.  You are always looking for areas of synergy.  And if none can be readily found, you are still willing to help with no strings attached.  No wonder your business continues to grow.  You run it with integrity and excellence while helping and serving those around you. 

From one business owner to another, I have been watching and I am still impressed.  I have no doubt that you will reach your destination.  What excites me more is that I have no doubt that you will bring a host of good people right along with you.  So, continue to aspire as you inspire!