Leonard Jackson

Coach Deon Huff is a great coach, teacher, and listener. He helped me to get rid of my stinking thinking. His coaching secessions assisted me in totally changing my way of thinking. I learned to look at situations with an open eye and an open mind. He taught me how to deal with stressful, emotional, and tough relationship problems and how I could come out on the other side a successful, awesome coach! When I started his life coaching, I did not know how to deal with stressful situations and conversations with my wife; however, after several coaching engagements, he taught me how to deal with my marriage differently and not be judgmental keep by pointing the finger at her when the problem was 70% my fault. I didn’t admit my faults until after our coaching. I was more focused and ready to learn during my coaching because I saw how much he was engaged in what I shared with him about my situation. He taught me how internal focus my chaotic thoughts by doing a simple breathing technique that I now use daily to be present at the moment. I had great confidence in his coaching and was able to share my deepest thoughts and truly confidential information about my life. I felt extremely comfortable and even wanted to invite my wife to my coaching secessions. I was extremely impressed and satisfied with my coaching outcomes that had to tell my close network of family, friends, and associates that they should sign up for Deon’s coaching services. He is an awesome Life Coach!

I used him as my Business Coach as well. He helped me launch my website: www.FromTheStreetToThePulpit.com. I was happy to get my new business off the ground, and Coach Deon Huff was truly inspirational in seeing my vision, being supportive, and mentoring me to start my new business. I was super happy that I referred his website development, marketing, and business coaching services to several of my friends.