Joy Smith

This is my personal experience working with Coach Deon Huff as my Health and Life Coach. I joined his health coaching on and personal life coaching back in February 2021. My first consultation with Deon opened my eyes to how I was using food to comfort myself during stressful times in my life. Also, I got an insight into why I got into toxic relationships and kept unhealthy frenemies’ in my life.

I am a Christian woman, so I understand that overeating is a sin. I needed a solution to put my life back on track, so I knew God sent Deon to me. He helped me recover from numerous bad relationships and see my true value. I love the new “me” from my changed life and my 60 pounds weight loss within five months of receiving coaching that transformed my new life with healthy eating and discovering my self-worth.

Furthermore, I was impressed with his insightful, and intuitive coaching technique that moved me to sign up for his 12 weeks Health and Life Transformational Coaching Program. My family and boyfriend noticed the change within three weeks; increased confidence, exercising, eating healthy, and a positive shift in outlook on life. After completing this coaching program, I broke up with my boyfriend and changed my circle of friends. Although I lost that boyfriend, the doors were opened into my life for me to meet a more suitable man. I am happier with a man who understands me, talks kindly to me, and has common interests and life goals! I am the happiest that I have been in over 10 years. Deon was truly a blessing and “Godsent” to help me transform my health and improve my life! It was my honor to write this testimonial for Deon and have referred him to my new circle of friends.