Joan Vandyke

This is my personal experience working with Coach Deon Huff as my coach. I was diagnosed with diabetes in early 2021. I had been searching online for solutions to overcome my diagnosis. Deon had successfully coached my friend to change her life, so I decided to give him a call. I knew after my first consultation that he was the right Health and Life Coach for me. I completed Coach Deon Huff’s 12 Health and Life Transformational Coaching Program; it was truly life-changing. He seemingly brought together health and life coaching in our sessions that help me change my life and transform my health. He commended I start on his 90 For Life Supplements via his website: to manage my blood sugar and I became a client on to ensure I could make healthy meals to control my blood sugar and lose weight.

Deon is kind, a great listener, and provides wonderful insight in my coaching sessions. Coach Deon Huff really listened to me about my water intake and helped me come up with concrete action steps to drink more water. Deon was also non-judgmental about where I was at and offered solutions that helped me change my life! Deon encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and I received many “Aha!” moments during our coaching sessions. Coach Deon Huff was very engaged in what I said in the coaching sessions and related to what I was experiencing with finding solutions for my problems. Deon has a natural ability to empathize with you and therefore I felt heard and understood in our coaching sessions. I will refer Deon’s coaching and business services to my family and friends